Interventional Pain Management Center Opens New Clinic in Paragould, Arkansas

Posted on: October 04th, 2018

The Interventional Pain Management Center is excited to announce the opening of a new clinic location in Paragould at 1 Medical Drive, Suite 100.

The Interventional Pain Management Center, co-founded (2016) in Jonesboro by Drs. Mark Wendel and Wolf Heberlein, established a clear vision to focus on opioid-free pain relief with minimally invasive procedures.  We pride ourselves in developing trusting relationships with our patients as the cornerstone for best possible care and successful therapy. We are therefore very happy in gaining Ms. Amy Deatherage, an advanced nurse practitioner, along with Ms. Ashton Carr, Melinda Williams, Brooke Eason, and Weslynn Williams to join our team. All of them have had the opportunity to gather extensive experience in pain therapy in their former positions at CPS.
“Interventional Pain Management” is a complex term for a simple idea: Treating pain at the source. The philosophy behind our approach is to identify the part of the body causing pain and then, using image-guidance, to treat that area with minimally invasive techniques. By using targeted medication, or directed thermal energy, we aim to eliminate or decrease systemic medication - with all its side-effects. We are Interventional Radiologists, board and subspecialty certified physicians, trained to find diseases on imaging and use imaging to treat the target area. This special focus, combined with our image-guided approach, ensures treatment is accurate and safe.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality pain relief to our patients, and we promise to continue our efforts to keep your trust in our therapy.

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